Blistering hot  female kissograms in London. (not where you are? Click here to try again.)

All our female kissograms are fully trained and fully experienced. They all have a full range of routines, outfits, costumes, etc. So if you want a female kissogram in London, for your hen night, your birthday party, leaving do, retirement, stag night, civil partnership or just for the damn good fun of it then let me know.

So what is involved in the performance of your female kissograms in London? Well – everything that you’d expect! You have an opportunity always to meet them before their performance to disucss the details of their routine so that it’s right for you when he gets into your party. Also involved is usualy a strip to fully naked (though if this isn’t appropriate to you or your party then you could let me know if only a strip to topless or lingerie is best for you).

All of their time and travel expences, if you have a choice of outfit or costume, you let me know the venue you want them to go to – and this is fine is it’s a bar or a club or restaurant or your own home or apartments
– whatever you want for your female kissograms in London is good with us!
Browse at the pictures below for a representative choice of  female kissograms in London and let me know your favoured choices – you can let me know your very favoured or a choice of all your favoureds!

Need to know more? Then send us an enquiry or call us 07771771838